Satori Health Fund

“Strong partnerships are key to promote innovation in healthcare. We’re working together to develop and deploy technology that drives efficiency and collaboration for healthcare providers and patients.”

Satori Health Fund is part of Satori Health and a member of the Satori Group.

In order to provide unequivocal healthcare for Canadians, Satori Health, through the Satori Health Fund, strives to collaborate with practitioners, industry leaders and other stakeholders to support positive change within the existing healthcare infrastructure. Innovation and advancements within our Canadian healthcare framework allows for practitioner efficiency and increasingly comprehensive patient care.

Strategic partnerships allow us to appropriately engage the healthcare market in Canada to address an aging population, wait times for specialists, accessible research, comprehensive care and support for front-line healthcare workers. Our expertise and scale allow us to bring progressive solutions to both practitioners and patients alike.

Satori Health Fund Projects

eConsults Canada

eConsults Canada uses a secure web portal to connect primary care providers and specialists.  This robust platform allows primary care providers to communicate with specialists or physicians in various disciplines with more experience in treating the condition in question.  The consulting specialist provides an opinion and recommendations for the ongoing patient management via an e-consultation in order to allow for timely specialist input into the management and care of a patient.

CERTA Clinic

CERTA (Central eReferral Triage Administration Clinic) provides a central referral, administrative and compliance service to the medical community. CERTA triages specialist workflows which in turn assists the specialist and patient to determine the most appropriate care pathway in a timely manner. This service allows all stakeholders involved to collaborate and participate as part of a patient-centred healthcare team.

Comprehensive Health Clinic

Comprehensive Health Clinic provides ongoing specialty consultations for the prevention, management and treatment of chronic disease conditions. Innovative technology improves access to chronic disease management service 24/7 and minimizes patient care escalation.

Capsule Pharmacy

Capsule Pharmacy is an innovative and technology driven pharmacy located in Calgary. By offering unique technological integrations along with exceptional medication management, Capsule provides full scale-support for complex drug therapies. With deep institutional relationships and wholistic medication management, Capsule is an integral partner to both prescribers and patients. Equipped with solutions ranging from medication delivery, compliance packaging and smartphone apps, Capsule provides responsive and comprehensive care.

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