Leadership Team

Satori Group’s Leadership Team includes highly experienced leaders and vision-builders from a wide variety of industries. In addition to the leadership team below, we have a staff with global experience in medicine, accounting, law, marketing, business development and technology.


Shane Harper

Shane Harper is well known in North America as a leading software developer based in California. He has provided integration for Tier 1 Telcos in the USA and Canada for video-on-demand sites, and has created custom modules for Visa, Canada Post, Chase Bank, Purolator, Canpar and other companies. He has also done full ecommerce builds for industry-leading sites like myvega.com, evisu.com, and silvergoldbull.com.


Rahim Rajan, BscPharm, APA

Rahim Rajan is a successful entrepreneur and pharmacist. He has deployed innovative models of patient care in the areas of pharmacy practice, functional medicine and nutraceutical supplementation. By engaging technology to address complex pharmacological needs and implementing strategic process standards, he has improved pharmacy care and is changing the landscape of pharmacy practice. His advocacy for using a multidisciplinary approach towards managing care, combined with his strong grasp of the current economic and social climate of the healthcare industry has made him a leader in his field. Rahim has owned, operated and managed pharmacies in Edmonton and Calgary for over 12 years. Rahim obtained his Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Alberta and he also holds his certification to administer injections and additional prescribing authorization.


Karen Eckhart

Karen Eckhart has over a decade of experience developing government policy and implementing it at the community level. She has an extensive track record building and supporting non-profit organizations in Canada and Central America. She has both secured and maintained ongoing support for the organizations she has served by ensuring cross-organizational compliance and proper management of stakeholder needs.

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